Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender – An All Rounder for Best Experience in Blending

When it comes to high-quality blenders Vitamix is always on top. They make sure that their blenders are high-quality, durable, versatile and are one of the top performance blenders and they have undoubtedly succeeded in it as they have managed to produce and give top blenders to their customers. With this they have also earned some very loyal customers as well making them a great company overall. They recently released a blender that is one of their most successful releases and for the right reasons which is called “Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender”. This is by far one of the best Vitamix blenders as it has so many great aspects and features along with immaculate quality.

Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender

As I mentioned before that this is one of the company’s best blender and it because of many reasons, firstly the price of this blender is budget friendly especially after considering that it has so many features. Even though E320 Explorian is budget friendly, it can do everything an expensive blender can do, it has all the best features for e.g. self-cleaning, diverse speed options, pulse button etc. Furthermore, it is durable and has a 7 year warranty. Here are 2 of the great features that make this blender one of the best

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1. Versatility

Versatility is one of the most famous and effective aspects of Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender. This means you have a wide range of recipes that you can prepare from this blender, be it baby food, purees, milkshakes, smoothies and from cold fresh juices to warm hearty soups. The blender also has the ability to make condiments like salad dressing like ranch, dips (nacho, salsa etc.) similarly frozen desserts are also optimized with this blender like a raspberry sorbet. This is all possible due to the motor of this blender as it can chop fruits and vegetable easily, even without you chopping them first which saves time and energy. This blender also has the ability to grid dry items like coffee beans, almonds and other similar dry fruits; therefore, you can even make your very own nut butter or peanut butter.

2. Self-cleaning

This is also one of the features which attracts many customers as it is convenient, time and energy saving. Many people don’t wash their blenders due to laid back approach, therefore, their blenders often stop working and because of this many people dislike or avoid usage of blenders but with Vitamix E320 Explorian blender that has changed. This blender has the amazing ability to clean itself without causing you any trouble or stress, all you have to do is add a cup of warm water and then add a drop of dish soap or any detergent you use at home, press the pulse button and automatically the Vitamix E320 Explorian Blender cleans itself-up and rinses the water too.  This feature is loved by chefs and house wives as they are the ones who are constantly using the blender.